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G’scheit im Veedel


G’scheit im Veedel is a concept, idea and vision of residential complexes
for people in important phases of development.

Whether training, starting a career or simply reorienting yourself in a new place – 
G’scheit im Veedel is a home, home base and springboard for people on the move.

Concept and essence
are in the name:

“G’scheit” – stands for education, intelligence and cleverness.
It is also one of our favorite Austrian words!

“Veedel” – is the name of Cologne’s city districts.
However, a “kölsches Veedel” is much more than that.
It means togetherness, community and familiarity in a protected space.


Our main task is to provide affordable, pleasant and functional accommodation for students or people in training or other development.

We offer space to grow – in whichever city in our network, we are always close to the university, easily accessible and affordable. Rental periods and legal framework conditions are tailored to people in training.

Synergy creator

Unlike residential homes, we offer complete and independent residential units for rent. Our residents are autonomous, but thanks to the orientation of the building and the communal facilities available, they can quickly and easily connect and communicate with each other. You live together with like-minded people under similar conditions – this creates synergies from friendship to career planning to business.


Last but not least, we offer a supra-regional spirit and a completely non-ideological community that is just developing and is co-designed by our residents. G’scheit im Veedel is a philosophy of freedom and self-determination based on a benevolent and youth-oriented foundation in various cities and even countries. Values such as sustainability, responsibility, mindfulness and appreciation are not just empty slogans, but the cornerstones of our philosophy.

Let’s talk about your needs:

When do you need your 4 walls? For how long and how high is your budget? Are you studying in Graz or Leoben? Then get in touch!
Let’s see what we can do for you.